Using the apps and maps

create account

Your user account

You can create a user account by clicking on “Create account” on the upper right corner of the screen. After logging in you will see your nickname on the upper left of the screen. You can click on “add device” to connect your mobile device to your account by scanning a QR-code.

Most active data collectors can upgrade themselves from Jolly Jellyfish to Neptune. Every correct photo you send will generate 10 points. You level up when reaching the following number of points:

1 < 100, title: Jolly Jellyfish
2 100+, title: Staggering Seahorse
3 250+, title: Tailspin Turtle
4 500+, title: Dorky Dolphin
5 1000+, title: Wandering Whale
6 2500+, title: Mesmerizing Mermaid
7 5000+, title: Neptune a.k.a. ' the King'


using the map

The map of colour observations

On the right side of the screen you see recent measurements by all users. On the left side of the map you can click on the most active users and see their measurements.

By clicking on one of the coloured circles on the map a pop-up window opens with all measurements close to the one you clicked on. If there is only one measurement, detailed information about the measurement will follow showing the Forel Ule value, coordinates and device the photo was taken with.

using the map filter

Filtering observations

You may also be interested in a selection of observations. EyeonWater has several options to filter measurements.
Above the map you have 3 options: Nearby, global and my measurements. Click on my measurements to see all observations connected to your device. The option “nearby” will show you all observations in proximity to you whereas global will show all observations around the world.
In addition, measurements can be filtered on date. On the bottom left you can click on “last 6 months X” to change the time. When clicking on “Older than one year” you will see all measurements present in the database older than one year; either collected with the real Forel-Ule scale or using the App.