EyeonWater Colour & Clarity

woman with appThe EyeOnWater concept consists of an app and a website. The app allows you as user to make a contribution to science and supply information about the water near your location or elsewhere. All your measurements will be visible via the EyeOnWater website.

What is it you measure? Water colour is an indication for life in the water. Scientists have been measuring this in marine waters via the Forel-Ule scale for more than 200 years. Your measurements are invaluable to scientists and will contribute to this long-term observation of water colour and continue the timeseries.

The scientific background of the EyeOnWater concept has been developed by NIOZ, with partner Veerder responsible for the design and MARIS for the technical development. Other partners in the EU funded project Citclops have also contributed to the water colour app. For more information about the Citclops project please visit: www.citclops.eu

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